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Pianist, composer, and producer Lawrence Sieberth is at home in virtually any mu-sical setting. While based in jazz, Lawrence’s musical vision is not limited by genre barriers—he prefers to integrate the many facets of music and performance into an engaging, inclusive experience. His own neo-bop improvisations and experimental inclinations combine with his classical and world music influences providing an ex-tensive musical vocabulary for both performances and compositions for television, film, and stage.

Lawrence Sieberth’s album ‘New New Orleans’ finds him literally center stage, a solo piano set wherein traditional New Orleans jazz pieces get a brilliant surveying with some judicious modern overtones sprinkled throughout them. That same year saw the far side of the spectrum via ‘Arkipelago’, an album exploring the area(s) where the ethereal overlaps with the earthy, where fevered fantasy coalesces with funk, the Second Line strolls Alpha Centauri. In the most recent album ‘It’s Magic’ in collaboration with singer Germaine Bazzle, Sieberth’s exemplary skills as ac-companist come to the fore—songs such as “Bye Bye Blackbird” and “Sophisticated Lady” are not merely covered but made anew, the notes dangling from his finger-tips as if they were dipped in honey. ‘Silhouettes’, featuring his quartet, explores the acoustic side of contemporary jazz and his recent explorations into fiery afro-cuban and funk rhythms are exemplified on his recording ‘Estrella Banda’, both al-bums featuring his own compositions and pianistic technical prowess. His recently release ‘An Evening in Paris’ was recorded in Paris and is garnering very favor-able reviews on the international scene.

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  1. 1. Sus Ojos 0:51
  2. 2. Thorns 0:54
  3. 3. Twitter 0:48
  4. 4. Gringo 0:54
  5. 5. Communion 1:01
  6. 6. Threads 0:52
  7. 7. Suenos 0:56
  8. 8. Blue 1:02
  9. 9. Brazilia 0:56
  10. 10. Waltz 1:04
  11. 11. Cat 1:00
  12. 12. Africain 1:01
  1. 1. August 0:44
  2. 2. The Phantom 0:42
  3. 3. La Valse Parisienne 0:53
  4. 4. A Melody's Tale 0:49
  5. 5. Kinetic #8 0:47
  6. 6. Pastoral 0:48
  7. 7. The Singing Bowl Song 0:50
  8. 8. Lessons In The Fast Lane 0:52
  1. 1. Cubana Danza (Live) 0:43
  2. 2. Hip Bop (Live) 0:45
  3. 3. Songo Luna (Live) 0:46
  4. 4. Naptime (Live) 0:45
  5. 5. Eye Lust (Live) 0:46
  6. 6. Samba Song (Live) 0:47
  7. 7. Batu (Live) 0:46
  1. 1. Yokomo 0:41
  2. 2. If Only I Had Wings 0:44
  3. 3. Sleep With The Angels 0:45
  4. 4. One Tear, One Joy 0:48
  5. 5. Ming's Song 0:44
  6. 6. Payday 0:46
  7. 7. Spring Breeze 0:49
  8. 8. Ramsday 0:47
  9. 9. Jay's Dream 0:49
  10. 10. 2 Dogs 0:46

“They are rare but every vibrant music community, if they’re lucky, has a few of them: musicians who lead groups, who accompany the veterans, and who teach and inspire students. They are on-call to compose or arrange for any performance or project. They serve as the connective tissue that holds a scene together, across styles and generations, often with little fanfare and never enough credit. In a city where music is community and vice-versa, New Orleans is fortunate to have Lawrence Sieberth filling that all important role. One could call him keyboardist, composer, professor, or music director —he does do all those things, to a consistent and compelling degree. One could also call him Mr. Reliable: I’ve never witnessed his music leave audiences without satisfied smiles all around; come to think of it, I’ve never seen Larry without a huge smile, just before or after playing. That’s his connection to the music!”

Ashley Kahn, June 29, 2020

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— Larry Sieberth - Set 1 - Live from the Jazz & Heritage Center (2019)
— "Samba Song" by Lawrence Sieberth Estrella Banda
— Hallelujahjah by Lawrence Sieberth
— Larry Sieberth living-room set #1

“Larry Sieberth is more than a great piano player, he is a great musician! I have known him for many years and have recorded with him, hung with him, and played gigs with him. His playing is legendary in New Orleans and his wide and varied musical interests come from residing in the rich history and culture of that city. There are musicians who play differently than Larry does but, I dare say, none play better.”

– Jeff Coffin

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